All images are printed in limited editions of 15 with a total of 5 artist proofs. Images are individually printed by Rusty with ultrachrome K3 inks on archival, acid free, 100% rag, fine art paper. Prints are signed and numbered in pencil au verso. 


All images are priced at $350.00 + $5.00 Shipping.


Untitled_3657     6”x6”    reference: Skull

Untitled_8724     6”x6”     reference: Distant City

Untitled_2703     6”x6”     reference: Man @ Disney

Untitled_1226     6”x6”     reference: Hoodie in the City

Untitled_1300     6”x6”     reference: Sign in the City

Untitled_1790     4”x6”     reference: Buildings w/ Airliner

Untitled_4835     6"x6"     reference: Jesus Saves     

Untitled_3295     6”X6”     reference: Lower Grand

Untitled_3725     6"x6"     reference: SUSEJ SEVAS "Jesus Saves"

Untitled_3824     6"x6"     reference: Police Cruiser

Untitled_5212     6"x6"     reference: Dress

Untitled_3857     6"x6"     reference: Metro Train Heading Away From You

Untitled_3857     6"x6"     reference: Construction Pit w/ Workers

Untitled_5195     6"x6"     reference: KRKD Radio Tower

Untitled_3872     6"x4 ¾"     reference: Home w/ New Construction Behind It

Untitled_3543     6"x6"     reference: Gun on Wall

Untitled_3558     6"x6"     reference: Girl on Wall

Untitled_4550     6"x6"     reference: Bendix

Untitled_5155     6"x6"     reference: Cranes

Untitled_3857     6"x6"     reference: Eastern

Untitled_3725     6"x6"     reference: City Hall Reflection

Untitled_3675     6"x6"     reference: AT&T Microwave Tower

Untitled_5469     6"x6"     reference: Roosevelt Hotel